Monday, January 16, 2017

Gym motivation + workout clothes ideas

Top (similar) | Jacket (similar) | Leggings (similar) | Tennis Shoes (newer version) | Apple Watch

Happy Monday! A big New Years goals that most everyone wants to accomplish is to start working out during the new year. I also have the goal to start working out early in the morning before work, and more frequently. Things that have motivated me to complete this are to set an alarm early, put out my workout clothes the night before, get to bed at a descent hour, make sure my apple watch is charged, and to make sure you have comfortable tennis shoes. Once you make it to the gym, the hard part is over. I know a huge motivation for me is having cute comfortable workout clothes. Most of my outfit is older but wanted to give you workout clothes that I have been eyeing lately, and hope they motivate you to start working out.

Workout Clothes Ideas


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