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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Styled in Blue Turns 1 + What I have learned in my 1st Year

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Happy Tuesday! Can you believe it that I started my blog a year ago today. I have really enjoyed creating content for you all and inspiring you with different outfit ideas. Here is 5 things I have learned during the 1st year.

1. It takes research and trial/error- When my blog first started I had no idea how to start it. I actually googled "how to start a blog," from there I would read tons of articles and other peoples blogs to see how I should design mine/ what appealed to me. I then looked up etsy and found a design layout that I really enjoyed-then I hit purchase. I also have gone through lots of trial and error when I see something that I don't like on my blog or an error. I research how to fix it, if that fix doesn't work I try something else. It is all about trial and error. 

2. A great camera really makes a difference- When I decided to invest my time and money into this blog I knew I had to purchase a great camera. I purchased the Canon Rebel T6. I absolutely love it and it has really challenged me to take better photographs and use it to its full capability. 

3. Invest in taking classes for photography- I decided to take a photography class. I ended up taking Level Up Rocking the Camera 101. I really learned a lot and now I can use the camera in manual mode. 

4. Invest in reading many articles or even buy a book- I purchased Aimee Songs Capture Your Style. It really has made me learn a lot and up my Instagram photo game. I have really tried to work on my flat lays in Instagram. 

5. And last but not least- Always be yourself.

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